Rudolph and Eugenia Peierls
Wernher VonBraun
William J Donovan
Custodial Detention
Howard Zinn
Katherine Oppenheimer
Adolf Hitler
Adolph Hitler (1889-1945) was leader of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party and Chancellor of Germany from 1933-1945; he led that country into World War II in ...
Tokyo Rose
Tokyo Rose Iva Toguri D’ Aquino (1916-2006) was one of a group of English-speaking women who participated in a World War II Japanese radio propaganda program. ...
Arthur Rudolph
Arthur Louis Hugo Rudolph (1906-1996) was a German-born rocket engineer and Nazi party member. He was brought to the United States to work for the U.S. Army and ...
General Douglas MacArthur
Bernard Baruch
Walter Krivitsky
Klaus Fuchs
Klaus Emil Julius Fuchs (1911-1988) was a German-born atomic scientist who emigrated to Great Britain in the late 1930s. He worked on the joint U.S./British ...
Bernard Julius Otto Kuehn
Bernard Julius Otto Kuehn (1895-Unknown) and his wife were German-born spies for the Japanese government. They provided the Japanese with intelligence related ...