Al Capone
Alphonse Gabriel “Al” Capone (1899-1947) rose to infamy as a gangster in Chicago during the 1920s and early 1930s. The Bureau of Investigation (the FBI’s ...
George (Bugs) Moran
Melvin Purvis
George (Machine Gun) Kelly
Louis (Lepke) Buchalter
Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie Elizabeth Parker (1910-1934) and Clyde Champion Barrow (1909-1934) were violent criminals who were active in the Mid- and Southwest between 1932 and ...
Abner Zwillman
Abner “Longie” Zwillman (1904-1959) was a major racketeering figure in Newark, New Jersey in the 1930s.
Frank Capone
Purple Gang (aka Sugar House Gang)
John (Jake the Barber) Factor
Bugsy Siegel
Arthur Flegenheimer (Dutch Schultz)
Arthur “Dutch Schultz” Flegenheimer (1902-1935) was a New York City racketeer known for bootlegging, income tax evasion, and a number of other crimes.
Eliot Ness
Herman Barker
Machine Gun Kelly
George "Machine Gun Kelly" Barnes (1895 –1954) was a notorious criminal during the gangster era. This release covers the investigation of the Charles Urschel ...
Ken Eto
St. Valentines Day Massacre
John Dillinger
John Herbert Dillinger, Jr. (1903-1934) was a Midwestern bank robber, auto thief, and fugitive who captured the national imagination between 1933 and 1934. In ...
Kansas City Massacre
Lester Joseph Gillis (Baby Face Nelson)
Charles Arthur (Pretty Boy) Floyd
Evelyn Frechette
Alvin Francis Karpis
Meyer Lansky
Meyer Lansky (1902-1983) was involved in a wide-range of organized criminal activity and was associated with many other well known criminal figures from the ...
Barker/Karpis Gang
Alvin Francis “Creepy” Karpis, born as Karpowicz (1907-1979), was a notorious gangster of the 1930s. He committed many of his crimes with a gang of criminals, ...
Lloyd William Barker