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Senator Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy
Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy (1932-2009) served as a U.S. senator from 1962 to 2009. The files below range from 1961 to 2001. The bulk of this material concerns FBI investigations into threats of violence and extortion claims against Senator Kennedy and other public officials. Parts 1 to 18 were previously released in 2010.
September 11th (9-11) Commission Report
Sergio Marchionne
Seth Ator
Seth Rich
Shimon Peres
Shirley Temple Black
Shirley Temple Black (1928-2014) was a well known actress and political appointee in several administrations. This release consists of a 1969 background investigation made when Ms. Black was under consideration for executive appointment. Also included are two small files regarding threats made against Ms. Black.
Shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, CA December 5, 2015
Sidney Korshak
Sidney Poitier
Sikh Temple Shooting
On August 5, 2012, white supremacist Wade Michael Phillips shot and killed six people and himself at the Sikh Temple in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Several others were injured.
Silas Boston
Silas M. Newton
Silas Newton (1887-1972) was a wealthy oil producer and con-man who claimed that he had a gadget that could detect minerals and oil. He was cited as an authority in Frank Scully’s book Behind the Flying Saucers, a work that claimed to report on several UFO crashes in the area of New Mexico. In 1950, Newton said that a flying saucer crashed on land he leased in the Mojave Desert; however, he revised his claim in 1952, saying he never saw a flying saucer but had only repeated comments he heard from others. These files detail the FBI’s investigations into Newton’s fraudulent activities between 1951 and 1970.
Simon Ramo
Sir William S. Stephenson
Sir William S. Stephenson (1897-1989) was a Canadian citizen, soldier, and businessman. During World War II, he created the British Security Coordination, an office in New York that provided official liaison between the United States intelligence services and Great Britain’s MI-5 and MI-6. This previously made release largely consists of materials dated from the 1970s about several books concerning Stephenson and World War II intelligence.
Sixteenth (16th) Street Church Bombing
Smedley Butler
The October 24, 2002 arrest of John Allen Mohammed and Lee Boyd Malvo brought an end to series of sniper murders that terrorized the Washington, DC, metropolitan area for two weeks. The joint investigation by the FBI, state, regional and local law enforcement was called SNIPEMUR in the FBI. This release consists of material from the FBI’s file on this matter.
Social Networking Sites and FBI Employee Guidance
The “Social Networking Sites and FBI Employee Guidance” is a 2012 document created by the FBI’s Security Division to increase employee awareness of the threats and risks that social networking sites pose and to explain general security issues and specific FBI regulations concerning the use of such sites.
Socialist Workers Party
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