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FBI Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide (DIOG) 2011 Version

FBI Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide (DIOG) This release consists of the October 15, 2011 revision of the DIOG; it was first made on 11/07/2011. This version of the DIOG was revised and updated based on comments and feedback received since the original DIOG was launched in 2008. The changes primarily clarify and enhance the definitions of terms and procedures used in the original DIOG. It also incorporates several older, separate policies that remained in force after the first version of the DIOG went into effect. Training materials based on this 2008 version were previously released and posted on the Vault; these may be found in a separate folder below. Key changes include the following: 1. Advice of rights in connection with operational terrorists inside the US (the Quarles rule). 2. Uniform file review procedures for Assessments and Predicated Investigations. 3. Clarifications and enhanced definitions of terms and procedures described in the original DIOG, including electronic and physical surveillance; Sensitive Investigative Matters, and assessment types. 4. New NSL delegation policy. 5. Creation of the Sensitive Operations Review Committee (SORC), a joint DOJ/FBI committee to review and monitor sensitive activities not within the purview of other oversight committees. 6. Allow the use of trash covers to check the credibility of potential informants

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